• 1Take the bowl with the blanched noodles.
  • 2Add blanched Pakchoi on one side.
  • 3Put the required beef meat, Black Mushrooms & beef sauce.
  • 4Add the wanton balls.
  • 5Drop with sesame oil.
  • 6Garnish with Spring onions, fried shallots and sesame oil.
  • 7Poured soup base
  • 8Serve hot.


120 Grams Fresh Noodles (Resolute)

2 Pieces Pac Hoi

30 gm of Meat & 30 gm of Sauce Braised Beef with Sauce (Resolute)

2 pieces Soaked & Boiled Black Mushroom (Resolute)

2 pieces Chicken Wanton (Resolute)

¼ tsp Spring Onion

¼ tsp Fried Shallots

400 Grams Chicken Stock for Soup Base (Resolute Pre-Mix)

40 Grams Spicy Sauce (Resolute)

Boiled Egg

Sesame Oil

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